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A Top-Down Twin-Stick Shooter combined with Tower Defence, as waves of enemies descend to take out the famed flagship, the S.A. Solaria, as she finds herself in a far-flung sector of the galaxy and only narrowly escaping a devastating ambush. Can you survive this relentless enemy? Created for the IGMC 2018 and made in just 17 days, this prototype shows just a hint of the action and adventure that awaits this fine crew! Best played with a controller.

Please note that this prototype only contains the first mission!

Also due to unforeseen circumstances with the UI implementation, using mouse clicks at certain points within the game will cause all input to break, therefore we recommend playing the game solely using the keyboard or a gamepad.

Install instructions

Just unzip the files to a folder of your choosing, and run SASolaria.exe . Please note this prototype only contains Mission 01


SASolaria.zip 217 MB

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